Send Form

The send form application, processes the form submissions on your website and sends the results to the e-mail address you specify in the configuration area. This method prevents spammers from using your form to send SPAM to others.

Have a look at the features, requirements and screenshots of the form processor below. If you are interested in using it on your website please Contact Us. Remember, custom form processors and other applications are available.


Screenshot of E-Mail Contact Form E-Mail Contact Form Screenshot of E-Mail E-Mail as received by website owner.

Live Examples

The following pages are examples of Send Form (form processing script) running on live websites:

Bobbie Flikkie's Kosher Kitchen
Design Doodles
Fine Line Engraving
ISP Guru
Simply Fresh
Thornhill Ward One


The form processor includes the following features:

  • Easy to use "skins" to integrate the form processor into your website
  • Will process any HTML form
  • Sends results to a specific (private) e-mail
  • Easy to configure
  • Anti-SPAM protection
  • Capable of handling multiple forms
  • Sample Contact Form


The form processor is written for Linux servers. Windows servers with the packages installed should be compatible, but they are not supported. The server you are running must have the following packages/applications installed:

  • Perl
  • Sendmail

If you do not know if the server you are using is compatible, please Contact Us or ask your hosting provider.

Pricing and License

By purchasing form processor you are acquiring a non-exclusive license to use sendform on one website of your choice. You may use it for as many forms as you would like provided hey are on the same website. Once purchased the form processor may be edited and used on your website but distribution is prohibited.

Form Processor: $50 US per website.
Installation*: $50 US per website.
Technical Support: $140 US per month (2 hours)
Additional Support Hours: $100 US per hour.
Custom Programming: $100 US per hour.

*Note: Installation does not include creating the form itself. For a quote on designing your form please Contact Us.


Please Contact Us for payment options.